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Current Weather Conditions at Litchfield, CT, USA as of  07/25/14   4:55a
     (Current conditions updated every 5 minutes)

Today's Extremes
Temperature: 54.7℉ Today: 0.00 in High Temperature: 63.0℉
Today's High: 63.0℉ Storm Total: 0.00 in Low Temperature: 54.7℉
Today's Low: 54.7℉ Hourly Rate: 0.00 in/hr High Barometer: 29.904in
Heat Index: 54.8℉ This Month: 6.51in Low Barometer: 29.858in
Humidity and Barometer
This Year: 23.38 in High Humidity: 92%
Humidity: 92%
Low Humidity: 77%
Dewpoint: 52.4℉ Today: 0 in High Dewpoint: 57.0℉
Barometer: 29.904inStorm Total: 0 in Low Dewpoint: 53.0℉
Baro Trend: Rising Slowly This Season: 58.5 in High Wind: 7.0 mph
Low Windchill: 55.0℉
Sunrise: 5:40a Speed: 0.0 mph High Heat Index: 63.0℉
Sunset: 8:18p Direction: SE
Station Forecast
Moon Phase:New Moon 10 Min. Avg.: 0.0 mph Increasing clouds with little temperature change.

*Snow totals are updated manually and may not always reflect the most current conditions.
**Anemometer is sheltered by trees. Wind readings may be up to 50% less than actual.

Station Elevation: 1037 ft(316 meters)
Latitude:41° 44' 14" N    Longitude:73° 11' 16" W

     This is a private weather station operated as a hobby. Weather data is collected by a Davis Vantage Vue weather station in my backyard in Litchfield, CT. Website updated every 5 minutes using Davis WeatherLink software.

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